Cultures Of Mediatization

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What does it mean that we can be reached on our mobile phones wherever we are and at all times? What are the cultural consequences if we are informed about ‘everything and anything important’ via television? How are our political, religious and ethnic belongings impacted through being increasingly connected by digital media? And what is the significance of all this for our everyday lives? Drawing on Hepp’s fifteen-year research expertise on media change, this book deals with questions like these in a refreshingly straightforward and readable way

Cultures of Mediatization outlines how this can be done critically

In so doing, it offers a new way of thinking about our present-day media-saturated world.

One has to capture the mediatization of culture in its entirety

Therefore, everyday life in cultures of mediatization is moulded by the media

To understand this challenging media change it is inappropriate to focus on any one single medium like television, the press, mobile phones, the Internet or other forms of digital media

Cultures of mediatization are described as cultures whose main resources are mediated by technical media